Online Test of Chapter 2 Acid, Bases and Salt MCQ 2 Science| Class 10th

Questions :
1. A substance X, turns color of red litmus blue, it will change methyl Orange?

2.A substance Y turns phenolphthalein colorless. It will
i)Turns red litmus blue
ii)Turns methyl orange yellow
iii)Vanishes smell of clove oil
iv)Vanishes smell of vinegar

3.A substance Z turns methyl orange yellow, it will turn
i)Red litmus blue
ii)Blue litmus red
iii)Phenolphthalein colorless
iv)Both (ii) and (iii)

4. When a substance A turns blue litmus red, it will
i)Vanishes color of Clove oil
ii)Vanishes odour of Vanilla
iii)Turns phenolphthalein colorless
iv)None of these

5. The gas evolved in a metal acid reaction is?
i)Depends upon acid
iv)No gas is evolved

6. The reaction between an acid and metal can be considered as?
i)Displacement reaction
ii)Double displacement reaction
iii)Combination reaction
iv)Either (i) or (ii)

7. The reaction between sodium hydroxide with zinc gives product
i)Zinc hydroxide
ii)Sodium zincate
iii)Zinc oxide
iv)Reaction is not possible of a base and metal

8. The gas which turns lime water milky is
ii)Carbon di oxide
iv)Both (i) and (ii)

9. The gas evolved in the metal carbonate reaction with acid turns limewater milky. The milky substance formed is
i)Calcium Carbonate
ii)Calcium Hydroxide
iii)Calcium Oxide
iv)Calcium metal

10. The gas evolved in neutralization reaction of acid base is
iii)Depends upon the acid
iv)No gas is evolved

Chapter - 2 Acid , Bases and Salt Quiz - 3 Class 10th

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