Online Test of Chapter 2 Acid, Bases and Salt MCQ 3 Science| Class 10th


1. Metal oxide + Acid → Salt + _____ . The blank space formed is
ii)Hydrogen gas
iii)Oxygen gas
iv)Depends on reactants

2. Metalic oxides are
i)Basic in nature
ii)Can neutralize acid
iii)Acidic in nature
iv)Both (i) and (ii)

3. The reaction of lime water with carbon di oxide is
i)Metal oxide with base
ii)Non metal oxide with base
iii)Metal oxide with acidic oxide
iv)Both (ii) and (iv)

4. Which of the following things are common with both acid and base?
i)Both reacts on blue litmus paper
ii)Both changes odour of clove oil
iii)Both conducts electricity in their aqueous solution
iv)Both generates OH- ions when dissociates

5. Which of the following salt will have pH more than 7?
i)Sodium acetate
ii)Ammonium Chloride
iii)Magnesium sulphate
iv)Calcium nitrate

6. When excess of Carbon di oxide gas is passed through limewater then why milky color disappears?
i)Formation of Calcium hydroxide
ii)Formation of Calcium carbonate
iii)Formation of Calcium oxide
iv)Formation of Calcium metal

7. More the pH of a solution less the
i)Concentration of H+
ii)Concentration of H3O+
iii)Concentration of OH
iv)Both (i) and (ii)

8. Which of the following salt have pH 7?
i)Sodium acetate
ii)Sodium chloride
iii)Ammonium sulphate
iv)Sodium bicarbonate

9. The color of blue copper sulphate solution on heating becomes
iv)It remains blue

10. Gypsum can be obtained from plaster of Paris
i)By dehydrating it
ii)By moisturizing it
iii)By heating it
iv)It is not possible