Online Test of Chapter 12 Electricity MCQ Class 10th Science

Questions :-

1.How the charge will flow?
(a)By heating them
(b)By applying potential difference
(d)None of the above

2.If length of a conductor and it’s radius is increased twice, how the resistance will change?
(a)Resistance will remain unchanged
(b)Resistance increases twice
(c)Resistance will become half
(d)Resistance will increase 4 times

3. The potential difference applied is directly proportional to current only if
(d)When temperature is constant

4.Equivalent resistance of 4 4Ω resistances in parallel is

5. Which of the following conditions represent more resistance at constant temp?
(a)The red line
(b)The yellow line
(c)Both are equal
(d)Can’t be said

6. There is a wire of length l and cross section A. Which of the following have least Resistance?
(a)Length doubled, Area halved
(b)Length tripled, Area doubled
(c)Length halved, Area doubled
(d)The original Wire

7.On which of the following parameters specific resistance depends?
(a)Length of wire
(b)Area of wire
(c)Current passing through it

8. A resistor of length l is connected to a battery and current I is flowing through it. If it is divided into 3 parts by length, and all are having same cross sectional area are connected in series with the same battery, the current flowing through them will be?

9.Two resistances R1 and R2 are connected with a cell in parallel. Find the ratio of current flowing through R1 to the current flowing through R2.
Data not sufficient

10. Which of the following statement is true regarding Ammeter and Voltmeter?
(a)Ammeter is connected in series with the required device, Voltmeter in Parallel
(b)Both Ammeter and Voltmeter are connected in series with required device
The Voltmeter is connected in series with the device, Ammeter in parallel
(d)They can be connected in any way.

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