Online Test of Chapter 2 Acid, Bases and Salt MCQ 1 Science| Class 10th


1. Basic characteristics of Acid is/are?
i) Sour taste
ii)Turns blue litmus red
iii)Turns red litmus blue
iv)Both (i) and (ii)

2.Basic Characteristics of Base is/are?
i)Sour taste
ii)Turns red litmus blue
iii) urns blue litmus red

3.Which acid do we use generally to clean toilets?
i)Sulphuric Acid
ii)Ethanoic Acid
iii)Hydrochloric Acid
iv)Citiric Avid

4.Using which of the following permanent hardness of water is reduced?
i)Washing soda
ii)Baking soda
iv)Sodium hydroxide

5.Which of the following is generally used as fire extinguisher?
i)Sodium hydroxide
ii)Sodium bicarbonate
iii)Sodium chloride
iv)Sodium carbonate

6.Which of the following does not have basic nature?
i)Baking soda
ii)Lime water
iii)Washing soda
iv)All of the above are bases

Q7.Which of the following indicator can determine the presence of both acid and base?
i)Blue litmus
ii)Red litmus
iii)Universal Indicator

8. Which of the following indicator cannot be used to indicate acid?
i)Blue litmus
ii)Clove oil
iii)Methyl orange

9. Which of the following indicator cannot be used to determine the presence of Base?
i)Clove oil
iii)Methyl orange
iv)Red Litmus

10. Which of the following indicator is olfactory indicator to determine acid?
iii)Clove oil

Chapter - 2 Acid , Bases and Salt Quiz - 2 Class 10th

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