Online Test of Chapter 12 Electricity MCQ Class 10th Science

Questions :-

1. Which of the following is true regarding Ammeter and Voltmeter?
(a)Ideal Ammeter is having infinite resistance
(b)Ideal Voltmeter is having Zero resistance
(c)Ideal Voltmeter is having Infinite Resistance
(d)None of These

2.A resistance of 3Ω is connected in series with 5Ω. This connection is kept in parallel with a 8Ω resistance. The current in 5Ω resistance if 24V potential difference is applied is?

3. Consider the previous case (Q12), if there is a switch in sereris with 8Ω resistance and the switch is open, Now the current through 5Ω is?

4.The equivalent resistance between A and B is

5. While wiring of electricity is done in your new home, how will you arrange the bulb and fan?
(a)In series
(b)In parallel
(c)Any (i) or (ii)

6. Which of the following can be used for making insulation over wire?

7. Which of the following is true about resistivity?
(a)It is resistance of a conductor at a specific condition
(b)It does depend upon temperature
(c)It does not change when the conductor is resized
(d)All are true

8. If 400J of heat is produced by a resistor of 4Ω in 4sec. Find potential difference across the resistor?

9. If a wire having resistivity ρ is cut in 4 pieces, the resistivity of each piece will be__________ if temperature has been kept constant.

10. What is work done in bringing positive 2 coloumb of charge from point A to B, given potential difference both points is 10V.
(a) 20J
(b) 15J
(c) 10J
(d) 5J

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