Online Test of Chapter 1 Democracy in the Contemporary World Test 2 Civics (Social Science S.St)| Class 9th

1. Ghana gained independence from whom?
(i) French
(ii) Dutch
(iii) Britain
(iv) Russia

2. By 2005, about how many countries were holding multi-party elections in the world?
(i) 120
(ii) 140
(iii) 160
(iv) 180

3. When did democratic rule end in Myanmar?
(i) 1960
(ii) 1961
(iii) 1962
(iv) 1963

4. How many members does the Security Council consist of ?
(i) 5
(ii) 10
(iii) 15
(iv) 20

5. Which party ruled Iraq since 1968?
(i) Arab Baa’th Party
(ii) Arab United Baa’th Party
(iii) Arab Socialist Baa’th Party
(iv) None of the above

6. Who said that US was on Iraq was illegal?
(i) General Jaruzelski
(ii) General Kofi Annan
(iii) General Pinochet
(iv) None of the Above

7. According to 2012, how many member states are there in the International Monetary Fund?
(i) 173
(ii) 178
(iii) 198
(iv) 188

8. According to 2012, What is the total number of members in the UN General Assembly?
(i) 183
(ii) 190
(iii) 193
(iv) 203

9. Which of the following countries was the first to give universal adult suffrage?
(i) UK
(ii) New Zealand
(iii) Australia
(iv) USA

10. Which organ of the United Nations is responsible for maintaining peace and security among countries?
(i) General Assembly
(ii) World Bank
(iii) IMF
(iv) UN Security Council

Chapter - 1 Democracy in the Contemporary World Quiz - 2 Class - 9

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