Online Test of Chapter 1 Democracy in the Contemporary World Test 1 Civics (Social Science S.St)| Class 9th

1. When did the military coup take place in Chile?
(i) 11 August 1973
(ii) 11 September 1973
(iii) 11 September 1974
(iv) 11 September 1975

2. Which statement is true for Salvador Allende?
(i) He was the President of Chile.
(ii) He was the leader of the Socialist Party of Chile.
(iii) He led the Popular Unity coalition to victory in the presidential election in 1970.
(iv) All of the above.

3. What is a referendum?
(i) A vote of working forces of a nation.
(ii) A vote for making an educational institution
(iii) A vote of all the people on an issue which is of national importance
(iv) None of the Above

4. Who led the coup military coup in Chile?
(i) Alberto Bachelet
(ii) Augusto Pinochet
(iii) Michelle Bachelet
(iv) Lech Walesa

5. Which party ruled in Poland in 1980?
(i) Polish Workers Party
(ii) Polish United Party
(iii) Polish National Congress
(iv) Polish United Workers’ Party

6. In 1980, the government in Poland was supported whom?
(i) United States
(ii) China
(iii) Soviet Union
(iv) None of the Above

7. What was Solidarity?
(i) An education institution
(ii) A social union
(iii) A technical institution
(iv) A trade union

8.The workers of Lenin Shipyard in the city of Gdansk went on a strike on
(i) 14 August 1980
(ii) 14 September 1980
(iii) 14 October 1980
(iv) 14 November 1980

9. Who was the leader of the Solidarity Movement in Poland?
(i) Alberto
(ii) Lech Walesa
(iii) Jaruzelski
(iv) Pinochet

10. Which Revolution inspired many struggles for democracy all over Europe?
(i) French Revolution
(ii) American Revolution
(iii) Russian Revolution
(iv) None of the Above

Chapter - 1 Democracy in the Contemporary World Quiz - 1 Class - 9

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