Online Test of Chapter 6 Democratic Rights Test 2 Civics (Social Science S.St)| Class 9th

1. If our Fundamental Rights are violated, where can we seek the remedy?
(i) Parliament
(ii) Supreme Court or High Courts
(iii) Election Commission
(iv) President

2. What is the condition of women in Saudi Arabia?
(i) The rights of men and women are same.
(ii) Women have more rights than men.
(iii) Women are subjected to many public restrictions
(iv) None of the Above

3. How was the massacre of Albanians finally stopped?
(i) Milosevic changed his mind
(ii) Several countries intervened to stop the massacre
(iii) The UN ordered for Milosevic’s arrest
(iv) None of the Above

4. Which of the following is not a Fundamental Right?
(i) Right to Freedom
(ii) Right to Work
(iii) Right to Equality
(iv) None of the Above

5. What does the word ‘secular’ mean?
(i) Majority dominate minority in every aspects.
(ii) The state only allows the minority to propagate their religion
(iii) The state has no religion of its own
(iv) None of the above

6. What is meant by ‘begar’?
(i) A person who is begging
(ii) Practice of forcing workers to work without any wages
(iii) Encouraging workers to work at normal wages
(iv) None of the Above

7. One of the forms of exploitation as mentioned in the constitution is ‘traffic’. What does it mean?
(i) Traffic system
(ii) Buying and selling of human beings
(iii) Buying and selling of vehicles
(iv) None of the above

8. Which is the correct meaning of PIL?
(i) Public Interest Legislature
(ii) Public Interest Litigation
(iii) Public Information Literature
(iv) Public Interest Literature

9. ‘Right to property’ is:
(i) Fundamental Right
(ii) Judicial Right
(iii) Human Right
(iv) Constitutional Right

10. Promise made by individuals, groups or countries to uphold a rule or principle is termed as:
(i) Claim
(ii) Summon
(iii) Writ
(iv) Covenant

Chapter - 6 Democratic Rights Quiz - 2 Class - 9

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