Online Test of Chapter 5 Working of the Institutions Test 1 Civics (Social Science S.St)| Class 9th

1. When was the Second Backward Class Commission appointed?
(i) 1969
(ii) 1976
(iii) 1979
(iv) 1989

2. Who is the highest formal authority in the country?
(i) Prime Minister
(ii) President
(iii) Auditor General
(iv) Chief Justice of India

3. For how long can the Rajya Sabha delay a Money Bill?
(i) 7 days
(ii) 14 days
(iii) 15 days
(iv) 1 Month

4. Who holds the most important and powerful position in the government?
(i) Prime Minister
(ii) President
(iii) Auditor General
(iv) Chief Justice of India

5. What happens when the Prime Minister in India quits?
(i) President will choose any leader as the Prime Minister.
(ii) Any leader from the ministry can be chosen as ministry
(iii) The entire ministry quits.
(iv) None of the Above

6. Which body acts as the guardian of Fundamental Rights?
(i) Executive
(ii) Supreme Court
(iii) Legislature
(iv) Election Commission

7. How can a judge of the Supreme Court be removed?
(i) By the Supreme Court through impeachment
(ii) By the Parliament through impeachment
(iii) By the President alone
(iv) None of the Above

8. Which of the following institutions can make changes to the existing law of the country?
(i) The Supreme Court
(ii) Council of Ministers
(iii) The Prime Minister
(iv) The Parliament

9. What is a Public Interest Litigation?
(i) Filing a case in the court in the interest of the public
(ii) Procedure of removal of President
(iii) Reviewing of Supreme Court judgements
(iv) None of the above

10. Which organ of the government has the power to interpret the Constitution?
(i) Supreme Court
(ii) Parliament
(iii) High Court
(iv) Both (i) and (iii)

Chapter - 5 Working of the institutions Quiz - 1 Class - 9

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