Online Test of Chapter 4 Electoral Politics Test 2 Civics (Social Science S.St)| Class 9th

1. The Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) of India is appointed by:
(i) Parliament
(ii) The President of India
(iii) The Supreme Court
(iv) The Prime Minister

2. A ballot paper is a sheet of paper which contains the names of the:
(i) Registered party
(ii) Contesting candidates
(iii) Party workers
(iv) Officials of the party

3. The boundaries of a constituency is decided on the basis of:
(i) Religion
(ii) Language
(iii) Population
(iv) Number of Shops

4. Which is the new reform introduced in the electroal process by the Election Commission?
(i) Voting through Internet
(ii) Electronic voting machine
(iii) Voting from home
(iv) None of the Above

5. Reserved Constituencies ensures:
(i) Equality of Opportunity
(ii) Educational Rights
(iii) Proper representation to the weaker sections of society
(iv) None of the Above

6. ‘‘Save Democracy’’ slogan was given by which of the following political party in 1977 Lok Sabha elections?
(i) Lok Dal
(ii) Janata Party
(iii) Left Front
(iv) Left Front

7. Which of the following statement is incorrect?
(i) All citizens above the age of 21 can vote in an election
(ii) Every citizen has the right to vote regardless of caste religion or gender
(iii) Some criminals and persons with unsound mind can be denied the right to vote in rare situations
(iv) It is the responsibility of the government to get the names of all eligible voters put in the voters list.

8. Fraud and malpractices indulged by a party or candidate to increase its votes is :
(i) Rigging
(ii) Coalition
(iii) Impersonation
(iv) Booth capturing

9. In India, who votes in a larger proportion in the elections?
(i) Poor and illiterate
(ii) Rich and privileged
(iii) Educated people
(iv) Women

10. The percentage of eligible voters who cast their votes in an election is:
(i) Rigging
(ii) Impersonation
(iii) Turnout
(iv) Code of Conduct

Chapter - 4 Electoral Politics Quiz - 2 Class - 9th

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