Online Test of Chapter 5 Working of the Institutions Test 2 Civics (Social Science S.St)| Class 9th

1. What is ‘Parliament’?
(i) All members appointed by the Central Government
(ii) Assembly of elected representatives at the national level
(iii) Judges of the Supreme and High Courts
(iv) Assembly of elected representatives at the state level

2. Choose the type of ‘Executive’ in India?
(i) Army Executive
(ii) Permanent Executive
(iii) Judicial Executive
(iv) None of the Above

3. The Council of Ministers at the centre is responsible to whom?
(i) The Parliament
(ii) The Prime Minister
(iii) The President
(iv) The Lok Sabha

4. About how many ministers are there in the Cabinet?
(i) 12
(ii) 16
(iii) 20
(iv) 24

5. What is the government formed by an alliance of two or more political parties called?
(i) Joint Government
(ii) Coalition government
(iii) Cooperation government
(iv) All of the Above

6. What is meant by ‘Office Memorandum’?
(i) Order issued by the Government of India
(ii) List of Voters
(iii) Secret document of Army
(iv) None of the above

7. What do the Civil Servants do?
(i) They ensure security to the citizens
(ii) They implement the ministers’ decisions
(iii) They provide facilities for education and health to all
(iv) None of the above

8. Apart from Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, who else constitutes the Parliament?
(i) Governor
(ii) Prime Minister
(iii) Chief Minister
(iv) President

9. The President of India is elected by
(i) Direet Election by citizens who are 18 yers of age
(ii) Elected by Parliament and the elected Members of the Legislative Assemblies
(iii) The Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers
(iv) All of the Above

10. The judges of Supreme Court are appointed by:
(i) President
(ii) Prime Minister
(iii) Auditor General
(iv) Law Minister

Chapter - 5 Working of the institutions Quiz - 2 Class - 9

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