Online Test of Chapter 4 Electoral Politics Test 1 Civics (Social Science S.St)| Class 9th

1. What was the promise Devi Lal made to the farmers and small businessmen?
(i) Government would provide free electricity to them.
(ii) Government would provide free water to them.
(iii) Government would waive the loans of them.
(iv) None of the Above.

2. Voters in a geographical area who elect a representative to the legislative bodies is termed as:
(i) Playing field
(ii) Electoral Area
(iii) Voter’s Area
(iv) Constituency

3. Elections held after the term of 5 years of Lok Sabha are called
(i) Half-term elections
(ii) General elections
(iii) Unit-elections
(iv) Mid-way elections

4. In how many constituencies is the country divided for Lok Sabha elections?
(i) 533
(ii) 543
(iii) 545
(iv) 565

5. Name the body which conducts the elections in India.
(i) Supreme Court
(ii) Parliament
(iii) Cabinet
(iv) Election Commission

6. The Election Commission is:
(i) An elected body
(ii) An independent body
(iii) An appointed body
(iv) Both (i) and (ii)

7. What is the age of a person who can contest election for the Lok Sabha in India?
(i) 21 years
(ii) 25 years
(iii) 27 years
(iv) 35 years

8. Voter’s List is also known as:
(i) Election List
(ii) Commission List
(iii) Electoral Roll
(iv) None of the Above

9. Who has given the slogan ‘Garibi Hatao’?
(i) Indira Gandhi
(ii) Rajiv Gandhi
(iii) Sanjay Gandhi
(iv) Sonia Gandhi

10. As on September 2012, the number of seats reserved for Scheduled Castes in the Lok Sabha is:
(i) 39
(ii) 54
(iii) 84
(iv) 109

Chapter - 4 Electoral Politics Quiz - 1 Class - 9th

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