Question :-

1.The Laws of reflection are valid for
(i)Plane surfaces
(ii)Any Reflecting surfaces
(iii)Curved Reflecting surfaces
(iv)None of these

2.The image formed by plane mirror is
(i)Always erect
(ii)Always Virtual
(iii)Of same size
(iv)All of these

3. The focus of convex mirror is
(i)Virtual point
(ii)Real point
(iii)In front of mirror
(iv)At pole of mirror

4. Which of the following is diverging mirror?
(i)A plane mirror
(ii)A concave mirror
(iii)A convex mirror
(iv)Can be concave and convex mirror

5.The image formed of an object on center of curvature of concave mirror is placed at?
(i)Focal length
(ii)Twice of focal length
(iii)Between pole and focus
(iv)Beyond center of curvature

6.A Virtual image is formed by a mirror of an object which is less than the size of object. Which mirror this is supposed to be?
(i)Concave Mirror
(ii)Convex Mirror
(iii)Plane Mirror
(iv)Both (i) and (ii)

7.A point object is kept at a distance of 15 cm in front of a small concave mirror having radius of curvature 30cm. The image will be formed at
(i)At focal length
(ii)On focus
(iii)At center of curvature
(iv)At infinity

8.The following figure shows incident rays and reflected rays. Figure out from which mirror they have been reflected?
(i)Convex Mirror
(ii)Concave mirror
(iii)Plane mirror
(iv)May be concave or convex

9. Which mirror is suitable for dentist’s equipment to get a better view of Cavity?
(i)Concave Mirror
(ii)Convex Mirror
(iii)Plane Mirror
(iv)Any (i) or (ii)

10. Which mirror is best to use as rear view mirror for vehicles?
(i)Convex Mirror
(ii)Concave Mirror
(iii)Plane Mirror
(iv)All of these

Chapter - 10 Light Reflection and Refraction Test 1 | Class - 10th Science

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