Question :-

1. Which of the following is not due of refraction?
(i)The bottom of bucket seems elevated
(ii)Rainbow Formation
(iii)Inverted Image Formed in spoon
(iv)Star appears twinkling

2. How the focal length will vary if the lens is kept in water?
(i)It will increase
(ii)It will decrease
(iii)It will remain same
(iv)It will no longer work as lens

3. A convex mirror is painted from one side, how can it behave like?

(i)A convex mirror
(ii)A concave mirror
(iii)A diverging lens
(iv)A plane mirror

4.Which of the following forms only real inverted image?

(i)Concave mirror
(ii)Convex Mirror
(iii)Covex Lens
(iv)None of these

5. Which of following will converge more having Focal lengths as given below?

6. Which of the following lens will diverge the ray of light more?

7. Two lens of power +2.3D and -1.3D is combined. What is the focal length of combination of lens?

8.Which of the following thing not happen when a ray of light passes from one transparent medium to another?
(i)It deviates it’s path
(ii)It’s speed is changed
(iii)Frequency of light changes
(iv)Wavelength of light changes

9. A convex lens forms an double height inverted image placed at a distance of 6cm from the lens. What is the focal length of the lens?

10. The magnification of an object placed at center of curvature of Concave mirror is?

Chapter - 10 Light Reflection and Refraction Test 2 | Class - 10th Science

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