Online Test of Chapter 1 – How I Taught My Grandmother to Read Test 1 English (Literature Reader)| Class 9th

1. Why was Triveni a very popular writer in the Kannada language?
(i) She had written a large numbers of story.
(ii) Her story were marketed well by the publishing companies.
(iii) Her style was easy to read and very convincing.
(iv) Her story contains mythological creatures.

2. Why would morning paper came in the afternoon in the author’s village?
(i) The people of author’s village were lazy.
(ii) Transport system was not very good.
(iii) Publishing houses print newspapers late for village’s people.
(iv) None of the Above

3. The novel Kashi Yatre, was appearing as a serial in:
(i) a newspaper
(ii) TV Channel
(iii) a weekly
(iv) a book

4. Which is the ultimate punya as per most Hindus?
(i) serving motherland
(ii) respecting teachers
(iii) helping poor people
(iv) going Kashi and worshipping Lord Vishweshwara

5. As per our scriptures, a teacher should be respected, irrespective of:
(i) caste and religion
(ii) gender and age
(iii) colour and creed
(iv) race and creed

6. Why was narrator’s grandmother not able to read the magazine?
(i) Because she lost her spectacles
(ii) Because she was feeling sleepy
(ii) Because she was illiterate
(iv) Because the magazine was not delivered

7. Why grandmother relate herself with the central character of the story ‘Kashi Yatre’?
(i) Both never went to Kashi
(ii) Both had helping attitude
(iii) Both believed in traditional values
(iv) None of the Above

8. Why did narrator’s grandmother never went to school?
(i) She was poor.
(ii) She was busy in house chores.
(iii) Those days people never considered education essential for girls.
(iv) There were no schools in her village.

9. The granddaughter found her grandmother in tears on her return as _____ .
(i) the grandmother had been unable to read the story ‘Kashi Yatre’ on her own.
(ii) the grandmother had felt lonely.
(iii) the grandmother wanted to accompany her granddaughter.
(iv) she was sad she could not visit Kashi.

10. The grandmother felt so much happiness in:
(i) eating
(ii) playing
(iii) cooking and feeding
(iv) reading magazine

Chapter - 1 How I Taught My Grandmother to Read Quiz - 1 Class - 9th

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