Online Test of Chapter 2 – A Dog Named Duke Test 2 English (Literature Reader)| Class 9th

1. How many steps did Chuck take in his first attempt to walk with Duke pulling him?
(i) One
(ii) Two
(iii) Three
(iv) Five

2. How Duke was severally injured?
(i) He jumped from the top of the house.
(ii) Somebody shoot him.
(iii) He had been hit by a vehicle
(iv) None of the Above

3. How many hours in a day did Chuck work at first when he joined office again after accident?
(i) One
(ii) Four
(iii) Seven
(iv) Eight

4. When did Duke meet with an accident?
(i) On the morning of Oct 12, 1957
(ii) On the afternoon of Oct 12, 1957
(iii) On the evening of Oct 12, 1957
(iv) On the night of Oct 12, 1957

5. Chuck experienced a new low after returning from hospital because:
(i) He thought he will never recover
(ii) He was searching for his dog, Duke
(iii) He started feeling lonely.
(iv) He met with an accident.

6. On January 4, Hooper made the big move.’ What was this big move?
(i) Hooper moved from hospital to his house
(ii) Hooper went to hospital for checkup
(iii) He walked the distance of 200 metres without Duke’s help
(iv) None of the Above

7. After how many months, Hooper started working full days in his office?
(i) Eleven months
(ii) Twelve months
(iii) Thirteen months
(iv) Fifteen months

8. How many steps did Hooper take with Duke on Wednesday and Thursday respectively?
(i) Three and Four
(ii) Five and Six
(iii) Six and Seven
(iv) Seven and Eight

9. After started working full days, Hooper was promoted to which position?
(i) Zonal Manager
(ii) District Manager
(iii) State Manager
(iv) Regional Manager

10. How did Duke die?
(i) He couldn’t breathe
(ii) Due to severe injuries
(iii) He had a heart attack
(iv) None of the Above

Chapter - 2 A Dog name Duke Quiz - 2 Class - 9th

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