Online Test of Chapter 4 – Keeping it From Harold Test 1 English (Literature Reader)| Class 9th

1. Mrs Bramble was constantly amazed because:
(i) She had given birth to a strong child as Harold.
(ii) She had brought such a prodigy as Harold into the world.
(ii) She had not given birth to a daughter.
(iv) None of the Above

2. What was the age of Harold?
(i) nine
(ii) ten
(iii) eleven
(iv) thirteen

3. ‘A slight frown, marred the smoothness of Harold Bramble’s brow.’ What made Harold frown?
(i) His mother was forcing him to study hard
(ii) His mother was treating him like a failure child
(iii) His mother was treating him like a little baby.
(iv) None of the Above

4. Why Brambles want money?
(i) For buying a house
(ii) For treatment of Mrs. Bramble
(iii) For starting a business
(iv) For Harold’s education

5. What to do you mean by ‘White Hart’?
(i) A dance club
(ii) A School
(iii) A boxing club
(iv) A Hospital

6. Why did Bill want to take revenge?
(i) Bill had refused to fight on Monday
(ii) Percy had ill-treated him
(iii) Mrs. Bramble had been inhospitable to him
(iv) He had lost the boxing game

7. How much Harold betted with his friend?
(i) two bob
(ii) three pounds
(iii) three bob
(iv) two pounds

8. Who was Jerry Fisher?
(i) Mr. Bramble’s cousin
(ii) Mr Bramble’s trainer
(iii) Mr Bramble’s brother in law
(iv) None of the Above

9. What were Harold’s parents hiding from Harold?
(i) Mr. Bramble’s profession
(ii) Mr. Bramble’s property
(iii) Mr. Bramble’s business
(iv) None of the Above

10. Harold believed that his father was a:
(i) Commercial broker
(ii) Commercial traveller
(iii) Professional boxer
(iv) Property Dealer

Chapter - 4 Keeping it From Harold Quiz - 1 Class - 9th

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