Online Test of Chapter 3 – The Man who knew too much Test 1 English (Literature Reader)| Class 9th

1. Where did narrator first meet the Private Quelch?
(i) Airport
(ii) bus depot
(iii) training depot
(iv) Railway Station

2. Private Quelch was nicknamed ‘Professor’ because of ________ .
(i) his appearance
(ii) his knowledge
(iii) his habit of reading
(iv) his habit of sermonising

3. ‘A dark flush stained the tan of Corporal’s face.’ What does this line mean?
(i) Corporal was furious
(ii) Corporal started running
(iii) Corporal felt proud of himself
(iv) None of the Above

4. Which duty did Private Quelch get?
(i) part time cookhouse duties
(ii) permanent cookhouse duties
(iii) permanent camp cleaning duties
(iv) part time camp cleaning duties

5. “Forty-four” … “What’s that?” The Corporal looked over his shoulder … What is ‘forty four’ here?
(i) Number of Segments
(ii) Age of Professor
(iii) Number of cadets
(iv) Number of Rifles

6. Which lesson was Corporal Turnbull delivering?
(i) Rifles
(ii) War
(iii) Hand Grenade
(iv) None of the Above

7. What is North American Harvard Trainer?
(i) A Rifle
(ii) A Rank in the Army
(iii) An Aircraft
(iv) A Hand Grenade

8. What do you mean by ‘Orderly Officer’?
(i) A Trainer
(ii) Officer of the day
(iii) A Rank in the Army
(iv) None of the Above

9. Why did the Sergeant turn his questions again and again from the professor?
(i) He wanted to seek revenge
(ii) He was impressed with the knowledge of professor
(iii) He wanted correct answers
(iv) None of the Above

10. One could hammer nails into Corporal Turnbull without his noticing it because _______ .
(i) he was a strong and sturdy man
(ii) he was oblivious to his surroundings
(iii) he was a brave corporal
(iv) he was used to it.

Chapter - 3 The Man who knew too much Quiz - 1 Class - 9th

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