Online Test of Chapter 4 – Keeping it From Harold Test 2 English (Literature Reader)| Class 9th

1. How did Harold come to know that his father was a boxer?
(i) Jerry Fisher told Harold the truth
(ii) His mother told Harold the truth
(iii) Major Percy told Harold the truth
(iv) None of the Above

2. How much was Bramble going to get if he wins the match?
(i) 130 pounds
(ii) 420 pounds
(iii) 500 pounds
(iv) 730 pounds

3. What is Harold’s friend name with whom he had betted?
(i) Percy Stokes
(ii) Jerry Fisher
(iii) Young Porky
(iv) Dicky Saunders

4. Which is of the following statement is not true for Mr. Bramble?
(i) He was thirty one years old.
(ii) He was a part time commercial traveller.
(iii) He had athletic built body.
(iv) He was a very devoted and an overprotective father.

5. Who tries to convince Bill to reconsider the decision to stop fighting?
(i) Percy Stokes
(ii) Jerry Fisher
(iii) Young Porky
(iv) Dicky Saunders

6. ‘Certainly he was very persuasive. Mr. Bramble had fallen in with the suggestions without demur.’
In this line, what do you mean by ‘without demur’?
(i) Without happiness
(ii) Without objection
(iii) Without delay
(iv) getting ready

7. Why is Mrs. Bramble anxious?
(i) About her son’s education
(ii) About her son’ health
(iii) About her husband’s business
(iv) About her cousin’s problems

8. Harold had defied the laws of heredity by ___ .
(i) becoming a sportsperson
(ii) being good at academics
(iii) being well-built and muscular
(iv) respecting his parents

9. Why were Harold’s cheek glowing?
(i) He won the bet
(ii) He was happy
(ii) With the exertion of the nice walk
(iv) He knew his father’s profession

10. Harold felt that he was deprived of the respect his classmates would give him as ________ .
(i) they did not know his father was the famous boxer, ‘Young Porky’.
(ii) his hero, Jimmy Murphy had not won the wrestling match.
(iii) he had not got Phil Scott’s autograph.
(iv) Sid Simpson had lost the Lonsdale belt.

Chapter - 4 Keeping it From Harold Quiz - 2 Class - 9th

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