Online Test of Chapter 1 India: Size and Location Test 1 Geography (Social Science S.St)| Class 9th

1. Which of the following has reduced India’s distance from Europe by 7000 km?
(i) Suez Canal
(ii) Erie Canal
(iii) Indira Union Canal
(iv) Suzhou Canal

2. From Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat there is a time lag of:
(i) 30 minutes
(ii) 2 hours
(iii) 4 hours
(iv) None of the Above

3. What is India’s size with respect to other countries of the world?
(i) Second
(ii) Third
(iii) Sixth
(iv) Seventh

4. Which of the following places of India is located on the three seas?
(i) Kochi
(ii) Port Blair
(iii) Kanniyakumari
(iv) All of the Above

5. Which of the following longitudes is selected as the Standard Meridian for India?
(i) 8°4′N
(ii) 82°30′E
(iii) 97°25′E
(iv) 23°30′N

6. Tropic of Cancer passes through which of these states?
(i) Gujarat
(ii) Rajasthan
(iii) Maharashtra
(iv) Odisha

7. How many states and Union Territories does India have?
(i) India has 26 States and 7 Union Territories
(ii) India has 25 States and 7 Union Territories
(iii) India has 28 States and 6 Union Territories
(iv) India has 29 States and 7 Union Territories

8. India has land boundary of about:
(i) 7516.6 km
(ii) 18,200 km
(iii) 15,200 km
(iv) None of the Above

9. A narrow channel of sea separating two land-masses is called:
(i) Coastline
(ii) Strait
(iii) Delta
(iv) Bay

10. India’s total area accounts for what percentage of the geographical area of the world?
(i) 2.4%
(ii) 2.6%
(iii) 2.8%
(iv) 3.2%

Chapter - 1 India : Size and Location Quiz - 1 Class - 9

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