Online Test of Chapter – 5 Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Test 1 | Geography Class 9th Social Science (S.St)

Q.1- India belongs to which of the following categories according to natural vegetation and wildlife?
a. A country lacking in biodiversity cover
b. One of the twelve mega biodiversity countries of the world
c. The country with the greatest forest cover
d. None of these

Q.2- Which is not included in the group of non-flowering plants?
a. Orchids
b. Algae
c. Fungi
d. None of these

Q.3- Which type of vegetation does not belong to the category of natural vegetation?
a. Horticulture
b. Forests
c. Mangroves
d. All of these

Q.4- Which term is used for the original plant cover of an area which has grown naturally?
a. Garden
b. Agriculture
c. Virgin Vegetation
d. Indigenous species

Q.5- What is the position of India in the world with regard to plant diversity?
a. First
b. Tenth
c. Twelfth
d. None of these

Q.6- Which term is used for virgin vegetation, which have come from outside India are termed as exotic plants.
a. Indigenous plants
b. Endemic species
c. Exotic Plants
d. None of these

Q.7- Which term is used for virgin vegetation which is purely Indian in origin?
a. Normal species
b. Endemic species
c. Exotic species
d. None of these

Q.8- Which term is used to denote animal species of a particular region or period?
a. Fauna
b. Ferns
c. Flora
d. None of these

Q.9- Which type of vegetation is common in fertile, level lands?
a. Forests
b. Cultivated crops
c. Grasslands
d. None of these

Q.10- The yak, shaggy-horned wild ox and the Tibetan antelope are found in which one of the following regions? (CBSE 2010)
(a) Tibet
(b) Uttarakhand
(c) Himachal Pradesh
(d) Ladakh

Chapter - 5 Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Quiz - 1 Class - 9th

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