Online Test of Chapter – 4 Climate Test 2 | Geography Class 9th Social Science (S.St)

Q1- Which one of the following terms is used for the state of atmosphere over an area at any point of time?
a. Climate
b. Wind
c. Weather
d. None of these

Q.2- Which one of the following places in India have cooler climate even during summers?
a. Jaisalmer
b. Surat
c. Mussoorie
d. All of these

Q.3- Which latitudes passes through the middle of our country?
a. Tropic of Cancer
b. Equator
c. Tropic of Capricorn
d. None of these

Q.4- Which winds brings widespread rainfall over the mainland of India?
a. Sea breeze
b. North easterly
c. Southwest monsoon winds
d. None of these

Q.5- In which months does the Tamil Nadu coast get most of its rainfall?
a. March to July
b. August to December
c. October to November
d. None of these

Q.6- Which prevents the southwest monsoon winds from escaping from India?
a. The Indian deserts
b. The Himalayas
c. Low pressure over Central Asia
d. None of these

Q.7- Which one of the following stations of India’s mainland do the monsoons arrives first?
a. Thiruvananthapuram
b. Kolkata
c. Chennai
d. All of these

Q.8- Which of the following is a component of westerly flow?
a. North-easterlies
b. Jet stream
c. South-west monsoon
d. Kal Baishakhi

Q.9- What was the reason for cyclones in Bengal, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh coasts?
(a) The level coastline makes the cyclones penetrate these areas earlier
(b) These areas are close to a volcanoes.
(c) Low pressure conditions in northwest India lead to the creation of depression over Andaman sea.
(d) Heavy rainfall in these parts encourage strong wind conditions

Q.10- Around the time of its arrival, the normal rainfall increases suddenly and continues constantly for several days. This is called:
a. North-easterlies
b. Jet stream
c. South-west monsoon
d. Burst of the monsoon

Chapter - 4 Climate Quiz - 2 Class - 9th

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