Online Test of Chapter 1 Chemical Reactions and Equations 3 Science| Class 10th

1. The hydrogen and oxygen gas can be obtained from water by
(i) Its thermal decomposition
(ii) Electrolytic decomposition
(iii) Decomposition due to sunlight
(iv) Any of these

2. How the colour changes of silver chloride when it is kept in sunlight
(i) Turns black
(ii) Turns white
(iii) Turns red
(iv) Turns grey

3. The reaction used in photography is
(i) Thermal decomposition of Silver chloride
(ii) Thermal decomposition of Silver bromide
(iii) Decomposition of silver bromide by Sunlight
(iv) Decomposition of silver chloride by sunlight

4. An iron nail is kept in copper sulphate solution. The iron is covered by a brownish substance which is
(i) Copper sulphate
(ii) Ferrous sulphate precipitate
(iii) Copper
(iv) None

5. Which of the following cannot displace copper from its copper solution ?
(i) Iron
(ii) Zinc
(iii) Magnesium
(iv) Silver

6. On reaction of sodium sulphate with barium chloride, the compound which appear in solution as precipitate is
(i) Sodium chloride
(ii) Barium chloride
(iii) Barium sulphate
(iv) Sodium sulphate

7.Combustion reaction in our body takes place in which glucose is burnt to generate energy that we use. This exothermic process is commonly known as
(i) Digestion
(ii) Excretion
(iii) Respiration
(iv) Circulation

8. Which of the following is correct?
(i) 2A+B2 → 2AB Balanced equation of Combination Reaction
(ii) A3B4 → 3A+B2 Balanced equation of Decomposition reaction
(iii) 2AB+C2 → 2AC+B2 Balanced equation of double displacement
(iv) A2B3 + CD → AD3 + BC Balanced equation of double displacement

9. Hydrolysis of water is
(i) Exothermic
(ii) Endothermic
(iii) Combination reaction
(iv) Displacement Reaction

10. When sulphuric acid is poured over zinc, which of the following gas is formed?
(i) Sulphur di oxide
(ii) Oxygen
(iii) Sulphur tri oxide
(iv) Hydrogen

Chapter 1 Chemical Reactions and Equations Quiz 3| Class 10th

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