1. The incorrect statement is:
a. Three lines are concurrent if and only if they have a common point.
b. A line segment has definite length.
c. Two lines drawn in a plane always intersect at a point.
d. One and only one line can be drawn passing through a given point and parallel to a given line.
2. If a transversal intersects two parallel lines, then which of the following alternatives is not true?
a. Each pair of corresponding angles is equal.
b. Each pair of co-interior angles is supplementary.
c. Each pair of co-interior angles is complementary.
d. Each pair of alternate interior angles is equal.
a. 12°
b. 10°
c. 18°
d. 15°
a. Alternate interior angles
b. Alternate exterior angles
c. Co-interior angles.
d. Corresponding angles
a. 180°
b. 90°
c. 120°
d. 150°
a. 50°
b. 40°
c. 120°
d. 130°
a. 50°
b. 60°
c. 70°
d. 40°
a. 70°
b. 80°
c. 90°
d. 100°
a. 25
b. 10
c. 15
d. 30
a. 55°
b. 65°
c. 70°
d. 75°

Chapter - 6 Lines and Angles Quiz-2 | Math Class 9th

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