1. The angle which is equal to 8 times its complement is:
a. 72°
b. 88°
c. 90°
d. 80°
2. The angles of a triangle are in the ratio 5: 3: 7, the triangle is:
a. A right triangle
b. An obtuse angled triangle
c. An isosceles triangle.
d. An acute angled triangle
3. The complement of (90°–a) is:
a. a°
b. -a°
c. 90° + a
d. 90° – a
4. The number of line segments determined by three given non-collinear points is:
a. Two
b. Four
c. Infinitely many
d. Three
5. The number of lines that can pass through a given point is/are:
a. Two
b. One
c. Infinity
d. Only one
6. An exterior angle of a triangle is 80° and two interior opposite angles are equal. What will be the measure of each of these angles?
a. 60°
b. 40°
c. 100°
d. 120°
7. In two interior angles on the same side of a transversal intersecting two parallel lines are in the ratio 5:4, then find the smaller of the two angles?
a. 60°
b. 80°
c. 120°
d. 100°
8. The number of triangles that can be drawn having angles as 50°, 60° and 70° are:
a. Only one
b. Infinite
c. Two
d. None of these
9. How many triangles can be drawn having angles as 45°, 60° and 85°?
a. Infinitely many
b. Two
c. Only one
d. None of these
10. Each angle of an equilateral triangle is:
a. 30°
b. 90°
c. 60°
d. 45°

Chapter - 6 Lines and Angles Quiz-1 | Math Class 9th

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