Online Test of Chapter 5 The Fundamental unit of Life 3 Science| Class 9th

1. The chromatin material that is responsible for transmitting hereditary information is
(a) RNA
(b) DNA
(c) Cytoplasm
(d) Nucleus

2. Ribosomes are
(a) Free in cytoplasm
(b) Attached to membranes
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) None of these

3. Digestive bags or suicide bags of cell are
(a) Peroxisomes
(b) Ribosomes
(c) Lysosomes
(d) Chloroplasts

4. Colourless plastid is
(a) Chloroplast
(b) Green
(c) Leucoplast
(d) Chromoplast

5. The function of centrosome in plant cell is performed by
(a) Polar cap
(b) Plastid
(c) Plasma
(d) Vacuole

6. Select the definition of eukaryotic cell
(a) The cell that has true nucleus is called as eukaryotic cell
(b) Eukaryotic cell is one that is opposite to prokaryotic cell
(c) A cell that has no nucleus is called eukaryotic cell
(d) When a cell has more than one cell is called eukaryotic cell

7. Select the odd one out from the following list
(a) Endoplasmic reticulum
(b) Lysosome
(c) Plastid
(d) Cell wall

8. Eukaryotic cell means
(a) New cell
(b) Big cell
(c) Cell with true nucleus
(d) All of these

9. Largest cell in human body is
(a) Nerve cell
(b) Liver cell
(c) Fat cell
(d) Blood cell

10. Choose the animal/organism that has flagella
(a) Paramoecium
(b) Amoeba
(c) Bacterium
(d) None of these

Chapter 5 The Fundamental unit of Life Quiz 3| Class 9th

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