Online Test of Chapter 11 Work Energy and Power 2 Science| Class 9th

1. The kinetic energy of a body changes from 12 J to 60 J due to the action of a force of 5N on an object of mass 4 kg. The work done by the force is:
(i) 36 J
(ii) 60 J
(iii) 48 J
(iv) 24 J

2. Two bodies of masses m and 4 m are moving with equal kinetic energy. The ratio of velocities with which they are traveling is :
(i) 3:4
(ii) 1:2
(iii) 4:5
(iv) 2:1

3. If the speed of an object doubles, its kinetic energy becomes
(i) half
(ii) four times
(iii) one-fourth
(iv) double

4. If two bodies of different masses have the same K.E. then the relation between momentum and mass will be:
(iii) p∝m
(iv) p∝√m

5. 1 J is the energy required to do ____ of work.
(i) 1 N
(ii) 98 J
(iii) 1 J
(iv) 9.8 N

6. A body of mass 44 kg is moving at a velocity of 10 m/s is brought to rest in 10mins, the work done is:
(i) 220 J
(ii) 22000 J
(iii) 22 J
(iv) -2200J

7. For an object to have gravitational potential energy only, it must be
(i) Accelerating
(ii) Moving
(iii) Falling
(iv) At an elevated position with respect to the ground

8. A body at rest cannot have:
(i) potential energy
(ii) kinetic energy
(iii) Electrical energy
(iv) Both A and B

9. Potential energy is energy possessed by an object due to its
(i) motion
(ii) speed
(iii) position
(iv) None of these

10. Which of the following produces energy because of temperature difference at various levels in ocean.
(i) Tidal energy
(ii) Wave energy
(iii) Solar energy
(iv) Ocean thermal energy

Work and Energy Class 9 MCQ - 2

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