Online Test of Chapter 3 Nazism and the Rise of Hitler Test 3 History (Social Science S.St)| Class 9th

1. Name the book written by Charlotte Beradt about dreams of Jews:
(i) Fearful Dreams
(ii) Third Reich of Dreams
(iii) Dreams of Death
(iv) Dreams of Reich

2. In the context of Germany what was ‘Holocaust’?
(i) Nazi propaganda
(ii) Nazi Honour Crosses
(iii) Nazi killing operations
(iv) A Nazi School

3. In Germany students at 14 years of Age had to join an organisation named:
(i) Jungvolk
(ii) Hitler’s youth
(iii) Volkswagen
(iv) Young Nazi Party

4. ‘In my state the mother is the most important citizen.’ was said by:
(i) Helmuth
(ii) Hitler
(iii) Hindenburg
(iv) Herbert Spencer

5. In May 1945, Germany surrendered to whom?
(i) UK
(ii) Allies
(iii) US
(iv) Italy

6. To justify Nazi ideas of race :
(i) Social Science was introduced
(ii) Racial Science was introduced
(c) Biological Science was introduced
(iv) Moral Science was introduced

7. The worst sufferer in Nazi Germany were:
(i) Gypsies
(ii) Poles
(iii) Jews
(iv) Nordic Germans

8. The economic crisis characterized by phenomenal price came to be known as:
(i) Collectivisation
(ii) Hyperinflation
(iii) Proletarianisation
(iv) Segregation

9. What do you mean by ‘Lebensraum’?
(i) A Jew School
(ii) German School
(iii) Living Space
(iv) None of the Above

10. What was ‘Dawes Plan’?
(i) A plan to impose more fines on Germany
(ii) A plan which reworked the terms of reparation to ease financial burden on the Germans
(iii) A plan to extend the land area of Germany
(iv) None of the above

Chapter - 3 Nazism and the Rise of Hitler Quiz - 3 Class - 9th

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