Online Test of Chapter 2 The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China Test 1 History (Social Science S.St)| Class 10th

1.When did French troops landed in Vietnam?
a. 1857
b. 1858
c. 1855
d. 1860

Q.2- In which year the war between Vietnam and the US officially end?
a. 1974
b. 1980
d. 1975

Q.3- What were the regional belief of Vietnam?
a. Worship of the supernatural
b. Mixture of Buddhism and Confucianism
c. Buddhism, Confucianism, and local practices of supernatural
d. All of these

Q.4- Who founded the Hoa Hoa movement?
a. Huynh Phu So
b. Hoa Hao
c. Mad Monze
d. Phan Boi Chau

Q.5- What did civilising mission in Vietnam means?
a. Civilising through economic progress
b. Civilising by destroying local cultures, religions and traditions.
c. Civilising the natives through education
d All the above

Q.6- Who is the writer of “The History of the Loss of Vietnam”?
a.Phan Boi Chau
b.Huynh Phu So
c.Hoa Hao
d. Mad Monze

Q .7- Which nationalist had different view from Phan Boi Chau?
a.Ho Chi Minh
b.Sun Yat Sen
c.Phan Chu Trinh
d.Liang Qichao

Q.8- When did the ‘Go East Movement’ was started?
a. 1907-08
b. 1906-09
c. 1903-05
d. 1909-11

Q.9- What was the primary objectives of ‘Go East Movement’?
a. To drive out the French from Vietnam.
b. To acquire modern education in Japan
c. To establish a republic in Vietnam
d. All of these

Q.10- What was the changes came to the nature of anti-French Independence Movement in Vietnam?
a. Total Independence in Vietnam with no French presence.
b. Setting up a Republic like China in Vietnam
c. Establishing a democratic republic
d. Establishing a constitutional monarchy in Vietnam

Chapter - 2 The Nationalist Movement in Indo - China Quiz - 1 | Class - 10th

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