1. Euclid stated that all right angles are equal to each other in the form of
a. An axiom
b. A definition
c. A postulate
d. None of these
2. The things which are double of the same thing are:
a. Halves of the same thing
b. Equal
c. double of the same thing
d. Unequal
3. If the point P lies in between M and N, C is the mid-point of MP then
a. MP + CP = MN
b. MC + CN = MN
c. MC + PN = MN
d. CP + CN = MN
4. Euclid stated that if equals are added to equals, the wholes are equal in the form of
a. A definition
b. A theorem
c. An axiom
d. None of these
5. If C lies between A and B and AB = 10cm, AC = 3cm, then find the value of BC2?
a. 13 cm2
b. 49 cm2
c. 7 cm2
d. 9 cm2
6. If 2x = 2y and y = z then,
a. x>z
b. z>x
c. x = z
d. None
7. A _______ is an exact location in space.
a. Point
b. Surface
c. Solid
d. Line
8. Euclid’s fifth postulate implies the existence of
a. Perpendicular lines
b. Intersecting lines
c. Parallel lines
d. None of these
9. Which one of the following statements is false?
a. A figure formed by line segments is called a rectilinear figure.
b. A terminated line can be produced indefinitely on both the sides.
c. Two circles are equal when their radii are equal
d. Only one line can pass through a single point
10. The two lines which are parallel to the same line are _______ to each other.
a. Equal
b. Parallel
c. Perpendicular
d. None of these

Chapter - 5 Introduction to Euclids Quiz-2 | Math Class 9th

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