Online Test of Chapter 4 Gender, Religion and Caste Test 2 Civics (Social Science S.St)| Class 10th

Q.1. What did Gandhi ji mean when he said that religion and politics can never be separated?
a. Effect of Hinduism on politics is more
b. Effect of Islam on politics is more
c. Need moral values in politics
d. None of these

Q.2. In some places in India, by how much the child sex ratio has fallen to as low as?
a. 927
b. 840
c. 820
d. 800

Q.3. Which of these countries has no official state religion?
a. Sri Lanka
b. Pakistan
c. England
d. All of these

Q.4. The percentage of elected women members in the Lok Sabha has never reached what per cent of its total strength?
a. 25%
b. 15%
c. 10%
d. 5%

Q.5. Caste system in modern India has undergone with which great changes?
a. Fundamental
b. Socio-economic
c. Cultural
d. Professional

Q.6. What is leading to the breakdown of caste hierarchy?
a. Large-scale urbanisation
b. Growth of literacy and education
c. Occupational mobility
d. All of the above

Q.7. In India, where are the seats reserved for women?
a. Lok Sabha
b. State Legislative Assemblies
c. Cabinets
d. Panchayati Raj bodies

Q.8. Which of these is true about the most ugly form of communalism?
a. Communal violence
b. Riots
c. Massacre
d. All the above

Q.9. What is meant by ‘Communal Politics’?
a. Participation of different communities in politics
b. When state power is used to establish domination of one religious group over the rest
c. Communist type of government
d. All of the above

Q.10. Which of these matters deal with the ‘Family Laws’?
a. Marriage and divorce
b. Adoption
c. Inheritance
d. All of these

Chapter - 4 Gender, Religion and Caste Class - 10th Quiz - 2

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