Online Test of Chapter 7 Outcomes of Democracy Test 2 Civics (Social Science S.St)| Class 10th

Q.1. There is one respect in which a democratic government is certainly better than its alternatives. What is it?
a. Efficiency
b. Decision-making
c. Legitimacy
d. None of these

Q.2. Which among the following has a higher rate of economic growth and development?
a. Democracies
b. Dictatorships
c. All non-democratic regimes
d. Monarchies

Q.3. Which one of the following statements is correct regarding the distribution of economic benefits in democracies?
a. Incomes of both the rich and the poor have been increasing
b. Incomes of both the rich and the poor have been declining
c. Incomes of the rich have been increasing and those of the poor have been declining
d. None of the above

Q.4. In which of these countries half of the population lives in poverty?
a. India
b. Sri Lanka
c. Bangladesh
d. Pakistan

Q.5. Which regime is best suited to accommodate social diversity?
a. A democratic regime
b. A non-democratic regime
c. Only a dictatorial regime
d. None of these

Q.6. Which regimes often turn a blind eye to or suppress internal social differences?
a. Democratic regimes
b. Non-democratic regimes
c. Monarchy
d. Oligarchy

Q.7. Which among the following countries is a perfect example of accommodation of social diversity?
a. Sri Lanka
b. Belgium
c. Saudi Arabia
d. Pakistan

Q.8. What is promoted much superiorly by democracy than any other form of government?
a. Economic growth
b. Dignity and freedom of the individual
c. Economic equality
d. None of these

Q.9. Which of these values have the moral and legal sanctions in a democracy?
a. Gender equality
b. Caste-based equality
c. Economic equality
d. Both (a) and (b)

Q.10. In the context of democracies, what is successfully done by Democracies?
a. Eliminated conflicts among people
b. Eliminated economic inequalities among people
c. Eliminated differences of opinion about how marginalised sections are to be treated
d. Rejected the idea of political inequality

Chapter - 7 Outcomes of Democracy Quiz-2 | Class 10th

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