Online Test of Chapter 2 Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution Test 3 History (Social Science S.St)| Class 9th

1. Who led the procession of workers to the event ‘Bloody Sunday’ in Russia?
(i) Lenin
(ii) Stalin
(iii) Father Gapon
(iv) Friedrich Engels

2. The commune of farmers was known as:
(i) Soviets
(ii) Duma
(iii) Mir
(iv) Cossacks

3. Who led the Bolshevik group in Russia during Russian Revolution?
(ii) Karl Marx
(ii) Stalin
(iii) Vladimir Lenin
(iv) Tsar

4. Who formed an international body, named ‘Second International’?
(i) Communists
(ii) Conservatives
(iii) Radicals
(iv) Socialists

5. Who wanted to modernize Islam to lead their societies?
(i) Radicals
(ii) Jadidists
(iii) Communists
(iv) Socilists

6. Which of the following statements is not correct about the ‘liberals’?
(i) They wanted a nation which tolerated all religions.
(ii) They did believe in universal adult franchise.
(iii) They opposed the uncontrolled power of dynastic rulers.
(iv) They wanted to safeguard the rights of individuals against governments.

7. Who created Soviet Union from the Russian Empire?
(i) Bolsheviks
(ii) Mensheviks
(iii) Jadidists
(iv) Communists

8. Who among the following was the advisor of Tsarina Alexandra?
(i) Stalin
(ii) Rasputin
(iii) Lenin
(iv) Karl Marx

9. Who founded Comintern?
(i) Bolsheviks
(ii) Mensheviks
(iii) Jadidists
(iv) Communists

10. The associations of people who produced goods together and divided the profits according to the work done by members were called?
(i) Communists
(ii) Cooperatives
(iii) Bolsheviks
(iv) None of the Above

Chapter - 2 Socialism in Europe and Russian Revolution Quiz - 3 Class - 9th

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