Online Test of Chapter 1 The Rise of Nationalism in Europe Test 2 History (Social Science S.St)| Class 10th

1. To whom Metternich described as ‘the most dangerous enemy of our social order’.
(i) Napoleon Bonaparte
(ii) Giuseppe Mazzini
(iii) Cavour
(iv) Giuseppe Garibaldi

2. Who was Giuseppe Mazzini?
(i)French Revolutionary
(ii) Italian Revolutionary
(iii) Russian Revolutionary
(iv) None of above

3. When were the ‘Conservative regimes’ set up?
(i) 1814
(ii) 1815
(iii) 1830
(iv) 1832

4. What did Germania symbolize?
(i) French nation
(ii) German nation
(iii) British nation
(iv) None of the above

5. In 1845, weavers in Silesia had led a revolt against whom?
(i) Wealthy people
(ii) Contractors
(iii) Social workers
(iv) Farmers

6. Who was proclaimed German Emperor after its unification?
(i) The Prussian King – William-I
(ii) The French King – Louis Philippe
(iii) Victor Emmanuel II
(iv) None of these

7. Unification of Germany took place between which periods?
(i) 1860 to 1871
(ii) 1870 to 1871
(iii) 1856 to 1871
(iv) 1866 to 1871

8. What was the main intention behind ‘Treaty of Vienna of 1815’?
(i) Restore republics
(ii) Restore democracies
(iii) Restore monarchies
(iv) None of these

9. Name the act which resulted in the formation of the ‘United Kingdom of Great Britain’.
(i) Unity Act of 1784
(ii) The Act of union 1707
(iii) The Civil Code of 1804
(iv) None of these

10. What does a blindfolded woman carrying a pair of weighing scales symbolise ?
(i) Peace
(ii) Equality
(iii) Justice
(iv) Liberty

Chapter - 1 The Rise of Nationalism in Europe Class - 10th | Quiz - 2

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