Online Test of Chapter 6 Work, Life and Leisure Test 3 History (Social Science S.St)| Class 10th

Q.1- Between which two stations of London the first section of the underground railways was opened?
a. London to Paris
b. Paddington to Farrington St.
c. Leeds to Manchester
d. None of these

Q.2- Name the first movie made by Dada Saheb Phalke?
a. Bombay
b. Poorv aur Paschim
c. C.I.D
d. Raja Harishchandra

Q.3- Who wrote the novel ‘Debganer Martye Agoman’?
a. Durgacharan Roy
b. Rowlandson
c. Raymond Unwin
d. None of these

Q.4- What do you mean by Mayapuri (Bombay)?
a. A city of businessman
b. A city of slums
c. A city of dream
d. None of these

Q.5- Which Indian city was the first to get smoke nuisance legislation?
a. Calcutta
b. Bombay
c. Madras
d. none of these

Q.6- Which sub-urban of Bombay was the mill village?
a. Thane
b. Girangaon
c. Kalyan
d. None of these

Q.7- What god decided to build in heaven in a novel “Debganer Martye Agoman”?
a. A bungalow
b. A factory
c. A apartment
d. A museum

Q.8- What was Chartism a movement for?
a. For children below 18
b. For women
c. For adult male franchise
d. None of these

Q.9- In which year first movie in India was shot?
a. 1896
b. 1890
c. 1885
d. 1880

Q.10- How could the problem of scarcity of land in Bombay be solved?
a. By high-rise buildings
b. Through massive reclamation projects
c. By sending migration people to their original homes
d. None of these

Chapter - 6 Work , Life and Leisure Class - 10th | Quiz - 3

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