Online Test of Chapter -9 The Making of Regional Cultures Test 2 | History Class 7th Social Science (S.St)

Q.1. What type of traveller was Xuan Zang?
a. Japanese
b. Nepali
c. Burmese
d. Chinese

Q.2. In which region Pir was popular?
a. Bengal
b. Assam
c. Tamil Nadu
d. Andhra Pradesh

Q.3. What is Manipravalam?
a. Language
b. Kingdom
c. Dance
d. None of these

Q.4. Who was Anantavarman?
a. Rulers of Mughal Dynasty
b. Rulers of Ganga Dynasty
c. Rulers of chola Dynasty
d. None of these

Q.5. How were the Rajput rulers most distinctive?
a. Rajput rulers were apostles of bravery
b. Rajput rulers were cowards
c. Rajput rulers were rich
d. None of these

Q.6. From where the term Kathak is derived?
a. Nitya
b. Katha
c. Raag
d. None of these

Q.7. Who were the major patrons of Kathak?
a. Mughal emperor
b. Rajasthan courtiers
c. Nawab of Awadh
d. All of the above

Q.8. What do you mean by Rasa-lila?
a. Dance form
b. Mughal painting
c. Folk play
d. None of these

Q.9. Name the gharanas associated with Kathak?
a. Rajasthan
b. Lucknow
c. Madras
d. Both a and b

Q.10. What do you mean by miniature?
a. Small sized painting
b. Big sized painting
c. Costly painting
d. None of these

Quiz: Chapter - 9 The making of regional culture Class - 7th Quiz - 2

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