Online Test of Chapter -10 Law and Social Justice Test 2 | Civics Class 8th Social Science (S.St)

Q. 1. What is a market?
a. Place of depositing money
b. Place of selling and buying things
c. Place of hiring labor
d. None of these

Q. 2. What do you mean by a consumer?
a. People those buy for resale
b. People those sale things
c. People those buy for personal use
d. None of these

Q. 3. Why do we need laws?
a. To protect our right
b. To protect our goods
c. To protect our labor
d. None of these

Q. 4. Why do most of the accidents occur?
a. Due to scarcity of money
b. Due to carelessness
c. Due to Low wages
d. None of these

Q. 5. Why do foreign companies come to India?
a. Cheap labor
b. Cheap transportation
c. Higher demands
d. None of these

Q. 6. What do you mean by investment?
a. Money spend on salary
b. Money spend on personal use
c. Money spend on modernize business
d. None of these

Q. 7. What does the Right against Exploitation state?
a. No promotion in salary is given
b. No one can force to work
c. No salary is given
d. None of these

Q. 8. Why is the law of minimum wages necessary?
a. Workers are denied fair wages
b. Workers demand more leaves
c. Workers don’t follow instruction
d. None of these

Q. 9. How can the government ensure social justice?
a. By enforcing less money
b. By enforcing laws
c. By enforcing command
d. None of these

Q.10. what can the government do to enforce the law of minimum wages?
a. Reward for violation of laws
b. Let people do whatever they want
c. Punish for violation of laws
d. None of these

Quiz: Chapter - 10 Law and Social Justice Class - 8th Quiz - 2

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