Read the following excerpt carefully and answer the questions that follow:

The Pilgrimage of the Mughal Princess Jahanara, 1643

The following is an excerpt from Jahanara’s biography of Shaikh Muinuddin Chisti, titled Munis al Arwah (The Confident of Spirits):
After praising the one God…. this lowly faqira (humble soul) Jahanara… went from the capital Agra in the company of my great father (Emperor Shah Jahan) towards the pure region of incomparable Ajmer… I was committed to this idea, that every day in every station I would perform two cycles of optional prayer…
For several days…. I did not sleep on a leopard skin at night, I did not extent my feet in the direction of the blessed sanctuary of the revered saving master, and I did not turn my back towards him. I passed the days beneath the trees.

On Thursday, the fourth of the blessed month of Ramzan, I attained the happiness of pilgrimage to the illuminated and the perfumed tomb… With an hour of daylight remaining, I went to the holy sanctuary and rubbed my pale face with the dust of that threshold. From the doorway to the blessed tomb I went barefoot, kissing the ground. Having entered the dome, I went around the light-filled tomb of my master seven times ….Finally, with my own hand I put the finest quality of itar on the perfumed tomb of the revered one, and having taken off the rose scarf that I had on my head, I placed it on the top of the blessed tomb.

(16.1) Give the meaning of Ziyarat.

(16.2) How did Jahanara show her devotion to Shaikh Muinuddin Chisti ? Give examples.

(16.3) Why was dargah of Khwaja Muinuddin popular amongst devotees ?

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