NCERT Solutions for Class 10|Based on Updated Syllabus of CBSE

Class 10 is one of the most important phase for any students in their life. Things learnt in this class will help you a lot in clearing entrance exams and competitive exams. In this page, you will complete detailed NCERT Solutions for Class 10 of all subjects totally free.

ncert solutions for class 10 all subjects

Students studying in CBSE schools need to focus on their class 10. As CBSE conducts board examination for class 10 students, so it is very important to read all the chapter carefully. They also need to go through the Class 10 NCERT Solutions of all the prescribed textbooks. CBSE syllabus for class 10 is very vast and it should be studied carefully. Here, we have prepared the NCERT solutions of NCERT Textbooks for class 10 students who are appearing for board examination.

List of all NCERT Textbooks Solutions for Class 10

PDF download of NCERT solutions of class 10 textbooks help in revising the chapters. Also make the children ready for the board examination. If you have any problem then you can refer to the revision notes for class 10 which is prepared by our experts for making the learning easy.

Why NCERT Solutions for Class 10 by Studyrankerstest?

These solutions are prepared by the experts of StudyRankers who have taken care of each question and prepared them according to examination pattern. Therefore, these solution will help you in getting more marks and at the same time understanding the concepts of the chapters. You can find solutions are arranged chapterwise so that you ca find them easily whenever you’re facing any problem. Below we have provided the lists of the subjects that you can click on to find the NCERT Solutions of that subject.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths

Math subject is all about practice. Practicing Maths will enhance your problem solving skill. You can easily know where to use specific formula and get the solutions easily. There are various tricks in math also. NCERT textbook will help in developing the ability to particularise and generalise, to solve and pose meaningful problems. There are various processes given to solve a particular kind of problem and related to that various examples and exercises are provided so that after learning, you can practice and sharpen your skills. Whenever possible, more than one proof is to be given. These will help the learner in developing a clear and logical way of expressing her arguments. Textbook also includes optional exercises for the more interested learners which would not be tested in the examinations.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science

Science textbook of Class 10th covers selected topics in the broad themes of — Materials, The World of the Living, How Things Work, Natural Phenomena and Natural Resources. This textbook interpreted the syllabus to present a rational coverage of scientific concepts related to our daily life on the select topics. There is no sharp divisions into disciplines such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Science made. The entire approach of the book is, in fact, activity-based, i.e., the students are required to construct knowledge themselves from these activities. The emphasis is not on definitions and technical terms, but on the concepts involved.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English

First Flight: This textbook provides a bank of language to serve as a base for communication in English. There are variety of genres, including the diary, the formal address, the travelogue, and the play, on literary, cultural and sociological themes given. There are voices from contemporary history as Nelson Mandela and Anne Frank provided so that children can understand the past in better manner. There are units that present glimpses of our country, and depict our relationship with the natural world.

Footprints without Feet: This supplementary reader aims at developing their reading skills. This supplementary reader has ten pieces including a play and a factual prose piece, as well as science fiction.Thematic variety has been taken care of and there is a good representation of a variety of genres as well as of writers from across the world— Indian, British, French, American and Japanese.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Hindi

Hindi (Course-A)

Kshitiz: This compilation contains compositions of seventeen creators, containing eight prose compositions and poems of nine poets. Poems are kept according to the historical chronology representing different trends of Bhaktikal, Ritikal and modern times. Storytelling, memoir, sketch, autobiography, etc. are included to introduce students to the leading prose genres of Hindi.

Kritka: Five compositions have been compiled in Kartika Part-2. The five compositions are distinguishable in its story, craft and presentation.

Hindi (Course-B)

Sparsh: The textbook has different types of prose such as memoir, satire, folklore, essays and stories.  This will improve the language skills of the students.

Sanchyan: Three compositions are given in this book, first is story, second one is part of autobiography and third is from novel. The questions provided at the end of the chapter will check your basic understanding of the chapter.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science

In the History textbook, we will see how the idea of nationalism emerged in Europe, how territories were unified, and national governments formed which took over many decades, involved many wars and revolutions, many ideological battles and political conflicts. In the second section we will learn about social groups pastoralists and forest dwellers who are often seen as survivors from past times when in fact they are very much part of the modern world we live in.  How the global world has emerged out of a long and complicated history. In the last section, we will study  the history of print culture and how printing made possible the spread of information and ideas, debates and discussions, advertising and propaganda, and a variety of new forms of literature.

Civics textbook talks about how democracy works in practice. In the first two chapters we will learn about various forms of sharing and shaping of power in a democracy. The next two chapters make up the third unit. It tells us how different political organisations and movements are important in democratic politics. The seventh and the eighth chapters take up the larger questions with which we began our tour last year.

Geography mainly deals with the resources such as forests, wildlife, water and minerals and energy resources. We will also study about the agriculture and  manufacturing industries. We will evaluate its role in the the economy of India. In the last chapter, lifelines of national economy, we will study about the transportation system such as Roadways, Railways, Pipelines, Waterways, Airways and means of communication.

In Economics textbook, we will start studying by looking at the development which are seen in terms of the emergence of agriculture, manufacturing and services as three distinct sectors of the economy. We will also study the general concept of human development that includes the development of health and education and other indicators that, along with income, broadly define the quality of life of a people.

Advantages of NCERT Solutions for Class 10

  • NCERT Solutions for Class 10 are a great way for students to get help with their homework.
  • The solutions are available online, and cover all the topics in the Class 10 curriculum.
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