NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Economics Social Science

In Economics Class 10 textbook, we will see the process of development in the Indian economy. Here, we have provided NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Economics chapterwise that can help you while preparing your own answers. We will see the development in terms of three sectors, primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. We will look at this economic development by relating with human development that includes the development of health and education and other indicators such as income. We will also try to understand the role of banks and other institutions in providing credit to the people and effects of the globalisation. For viewing solutions, you need to click on the chapter name and start reading.

Chapter 1 Development

Development has many aspects. The purpose of this chapter is to enable students to understand this idea. They have to understand that people have different perspectives on development and there are ways by which we can arrive at common indicators for development.

Chapter 2 Sectors of the Indian Economy

An economy is best understood when we study its components or sectors. Sectoral classification can be done on the basis of several criteria. In this chapter, three types of classifications are discussed: primary, secondary, tertiary; organised and unorganised; and public or private.

Chapter 3 Money and Credit

Money is a fascinating subject and full of curiosities. It is important to capture this element for the students. The history of money and how various forms were used at different times is an interesting story. At this stage the purpose is to allow students to realise the social situation in which these forms were used. Modern forms of money are linked to the banking system.

Chapter 4 Globalisation and the Indian Economy

Most regions of the world are getting increasingly interconnected. While this interconnectedness across countries has many dimensions —cultural, political, social and economic — this chapter looks at globalisation in a more limited sense. It defines globalisation as the integration between countries through foreign trade and foreign investments by multinational corporations (MNCs).

Chapter 5 Consumer Rights

This chapter proposes to discuss the issue of consumer rights within the context of the ways markets operate in our country. There are many aspects of unequal situations in a market and poor enforcement of rules and regulations.