CBSE NCERT Solutions for Chapter 8 Introduction to Trigonometry Class 10 Maths

Trigonometry is one of the most ancient subjects studied by scholars all over the world. Trigonometry basically establishes the relationship between sides and angles of a triangle. The six trigonometric ratios are ratios of three sides of the right angled triangle. Considering an angle other than right angle in triangle, the side opposite to the angle is perpendicular, side opposite to right angle is hypotenuse. So, we have three sides perpendicular, base and hypotenuse and six ratios. If a  particular ratio is given, others can be calculated using  The values of these ratios are calculated for few particular angles like 0°,30°, 45°,60°,90° .  Questions are asked related to trigonometric ratios of these angles.  Next topic is trigonometric identities. We know algebraic identities are identities which are valid for every numbers. Trigonometric ratios are valid for every angle.  Certain proofs are asked in exams which are to be solved using these identities. Trigonometric ratios for complementary angles are relatable. Total of 4 exercises will help you to go through the introduction of trigonometry.