CBSE NCERT Solutions for Chapter 7 Coordinate Geometry Class 10 Maths

The term Coordinate is related to location of a point. In class 9, we have discussed how to locate and represent a point on XY plane. The chapter adds some important concepts to that. The chapter starts with the distance formula to find distance between two coordinate points. We use Pythagoras theorem to find distance between two points. Next, we will discuss about a way to find how a given coordinate points intersects two points using section formulae. Questions can be asked to find how a given point would intersect line joining two points. Also, points can be asked to find if ratio is given.  Next topic is related to the area of triangle formed by three coordinate points. Questions are asked to find area of triangle, if these points are collinear, the area enclosed will be zero. Thus, we will also get a formula to check colinearity of three points. Four NCERT exercises would assist you to improvise concepts of coordinate geometry at this level.