CBSE NCERT Solutions for Chapter 2 Polynomials Class 10 Maths

This chapter is continuation of polynomials which we have learnt till now. In class 10 mathematics ncert solutions, we look polynomials in entirely new way.. Polynomials is different types of algebraic expression. The power of variable is always positive integer. Degree of polynomials is the maximum value of power of variable.  Zeros of polynomial  is defined as real values of variables of polynomials resulting value of polynomial zero. The maximum number of zeros a polynomial can have depends upon degree of polynomial.  Geometrically zeros can be detected on graph papers.  The maximum number of times the graph will cut the X-axis find number of zeros of polynomials.  The relationship between zeros and coefficients of polynomials has been established for linear, quadratic and cubic polynomials.  The relationship is interesting concept and very important for examination purpose. The relationship for quadratic polynomial has been derived. After that the concept of division algorithm is discussed. It is nothing much different from Euclid’s division lemma of whole numbers. Both concepts are similar. Division algorithm has been used to find zeros of quadratic and biquadratic polynomials.  There are 4 exercise in NCERT text book to make us chapter understand well.