MCQ Online Test for Chemistry for Class 6 to 12 NCERT

The study of basic level of matter and its formation is done in chemistry. We learn how does different matter form, how reaction takes place and how something happens in substance. In CBSE NCERT Textbook, there are lots of chapters which tells you about the matter. So, we need to study Chemistry in order to understand the complexity of formation of matter and substances. Chemistry plays an important role in building our future and most important in medical and chemical field. For the students who are studying upto class 12, they need to solve a lot of chemistry questions. Entrance exams like JEE, NEET conducts exams in the form of multiple choice questions. Therefore, we should start practicing questions of chemistry in the form of quiz.

In NCERT Textbooks, Chemistry is separate subject from class 11. Till Class 10, they have to study Chemistry chapters under Science Subject. For those students who are studying in CBSE schools, they need to solve multiple choice questions as well. The new pattern has added MCQ which need to be done in order to achieve god marks.

Here, we are providing the students with MCQ online test chapter wise for Chemistry subject. They can take chapter test in the for of MCQ and then see their marks. They will also be able to see how they have performed and what is the procedure to solve the questions.

List of classes for Online Test of MCQ for Chemistry

  • MCQ Online Test for Class 6 Science
  • MCQ Online Test for Class 7 Science
  • MCQ Online Test for Class 8 Science
  • MCQ Online Test for Class 9 Science
  • MCQ Online Test for Class 10 Science
  • MCQ Online Test for Class 11 Chemistry
  • MCQ Online Test for Class 12 Chemistry

Take Online Test of Chemistry MCQ and play quizes of Chemistry as per your class and also check your marks. Solutions for MCQ of NCERT Science and Chemistry Textbook of each questions will also be provided at the end of the online test.