A Talk on Road Safety: Descriptive Essay Writing

Many people think that accidents only happen to other people. They talk as though they are immune to it. But accidents can happen to anyone, and when it happens on the road, the consequences can be severe or even fatal. An experienced road-user has this to say. “You may take a thousand risks and get away with it every time, but it takes only one accident, just one, to cause you injury or death.”

How true this is. I once had a friend who was a daredevil motorcyclist on the road, risking his life and that of others with his reckless attitude. Well, he must have cheated death more than a thousand times but it took only one accident to end his life.

Most accidents are caused by the errors of the road-users. Very infrequently does vehicle defect or mechanical failure cause an accident. Usually it is the person using the vehicle who is at fault. A person who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not fit to be using a vehicle because his or her judgment is compromised. The person may behave erratically or dangerously on the road and hence the increasing the chances of causing accidents. Many drivers involved in accidents tested positive for dugs or alcohol. So do not drive if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and do not sit in a vehicle driven by such a person. Better still, keep away from drugs or alcohol. They are not of no benefit to you at all.

Know all traffic rules and obey them. If you see people speeding recklessly, jumping queues, jumping red lights, parking illegally etc., please do not follow their example, or try to teach them anything. Leave them alone or make a report to the police. Don’t try to deal with them on your own because that would likely create conflict. There have been cases of driver bashing up others because of a misunderstanding. Don’t become a victim of such conflict. If you are involved in an accident, remain calm and don’t argue with the other party. Just call the police and let them handle the situation.

In a more serious accident, injuries or death may have occurred. Again remain calm and call for assistance if you are able to. Otherwise wait for assistance to arrive.

The best policy however, is to avoid accidents, for in an accident, it does not really matter who is right or wrong. What matters is who is left.