Class 6 Resources – Revision Notes, NCERT Solutions, MCQ’s and Extra Questions

Class 6 is important for CBSE students. It is the basic class which builds the young minds of the children. Students have to study NCERT Textbooks for class 6 in CBSE curriculum. Our experts have prepared NCERT solutions for class 6 and also the revision notes. This will surely going to bring the best in the students. In class 6, following subjects need to be studied for getting good marks:

  • Science
  • Maths
  • Social Studies
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Sanskrit

We need to understand all these chapters. Studyrankerstest has provided solutions to all these subjects. You can check them out. We also have revision notes and extra questions and answers based on these subject which help guide the students in excelling the examination.

Class 6 Study Materials – All Subjects

  • NCERT Solutions for Class 6
  • Revision Notes for Class 6
  • Important Questions for Class 6
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s) for Class 6
  • NCERT Textbooks for Class 6
  • Mind Maps for Class 6

Study Materials for Class 6 Students are provided by It is going to help a number of students in their preparation. Subjects are available in both medium, Hindi and English. We have prepared the best ncert solutions for class 6 students as well as we revision notes for class 6 are also provided. If we talk about ncert solutions for maths class 6, then it is quite difficult to solve them. That is why we have prepared step by step solutions for NCERT Mathematics Textbooks of class 6. In class 6, a student need to read two English books. They are Honey suckle and A pact with Sun. Our faculty has prepared study materials for both these books. Apart from that, we are also having study materials for Hindi books namely Vasant and Durva. NCERT Solutions and Summary for all the Chapters for Class 6 Hindi has been provided here.
In Class 6 Science, there are three sections as Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Our faculty at studyrankerstest has prepared all the revision notes, ncert solutions and important questions for all the chapters of Science subject.
At last coming to study materials for Social Science of Class 6, this website has ncert solutions, important questions and revision notes for the students who wish to get good marks in examination.

Why Studyrankerstest for Study Materials for class 6?

The teaching faculty at studyrankerstest has curated best of study materials for the students who want to perform best in their examination. We also look forward to enhance the ability of the students through MCQ’s and Worksheets for class 6 for all the subjects.