Class 10 Resources – Revision Notes, NCERT Solutions, MCQ’s and Extra Questions

Students who are studying in class 10 need to study ncert solutions, notes, important questions then studyrankerstest is the best website to visit. These students also need give their board examination which very important. Thus, they should strictly follow the ncert pattern. We have handcrafted these study materials for CBSE students. All the workings are detailed and in sequential order so that you don’t face any problems and are able to understand the basic concepts behind the solutions as well as the chapters. These study materials for class is based on NCERT pattern and strictly follows CBSE syllabus. According to NCERT, students need to read 5 subjects in total in class 10. They need to study these in order to get complete knowledge and obtain good marks in examination.

Subjects need to be studied in class 10:

  • Science
  • Maths
  • Social Studies
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Sanskrit

We need to understand all these chapters. Studyrankerstest has provided solutions to all these subjects. You can check them out. We also have revision notes and extra questions and answers based on these subject which help guide the students in excelling the examination.

Class 10 Study Materials – All Subjects

  • NCERT Solutions for Class 10
  • Revision Notes for Class 10
  • Important Questions for Class 10
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s) for Class 10
  • NCERT Textbooks for Class 10
  • Mind Maps for Class 10

Study Materials for Class 10 Students are provided by It is going to help a number of students in their preparation. Subjects are available in both medium, Hindi and English. Subjects like Science, Mathematicss, English, Hindi and Social Science will become easy to study if you have access to study materials of class 10 which are provided by our teaching faculty.
First Flight and Footprints without Feet are two textbooks of NCERT English for class 10. We aim to provide solutions and summary of each chapters. After that, you would also be able to take chapter test in the form of MCQ. Extract based questions and extra questions and answers are also provided from inside the books.

In ncert hindi for class 10, there are two courses namely Hindi Course A and Hindi Course B. In Hindi course A, you have to study two books which are Kshitij and Kritika and in Hindi course B, Sparsh and Sanchayan need to be studied. Students of class 10 would be able to find ncert solutions of hindi of all the chapters at this website. You could also able to access summary in detail of ncert hindi textbooks of class 10.

Social Science in class 10 is of much importance because this textbook will tells you lot about your society, history, economy, gdp, terrain and activities. There are four parts in Social science textbooks of ncert class 10. They are history, civics, geography and economics. Under class 10 ncert history textbook, you have to study cultures and life of old era in europe and other countries. This textbook teaches how life was in previous era. We will study the lifestyle, revolutions and literature which prevailed during that era. The name class 10 ncert civics textbook is Democratic Politics where we will study about politics and government. In class 10 ncert economics textbook, we will learn about gdp growth, sectors, companies, population and much more. Class 10 ncert geography will teach you about, forest, wildife, plants, resources and many more interesting things.

In class 10 ncert science textbooks, the books has been divided into three sections namely Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Our faculty has prepared ncert solutions, revision notes and chapter test mcq for all the chapters of class 10 ncert science.

What Study materials of class 10 includes? 

Study materials for class 10 CBSE include all the latest ncert solutions for ncert textbooks of class 10, revision notes for ncert books of class 10. It also contain important questions from all the chapters of class 10 textbooks. These extra questions and answers for class 10 ncert textbooks will help the students in learning further. It will help them in getting deep knowledge. Apart from that, we also provide MCQ chapter test for class 10 of ncert which is very helpful for cbse students. Children would also be able to download mind maps for the subjects like science, social science and mathematics in pdf for class 10.

Why Studyrankerstest for Study Materials for class 10?

The teaching faculty at studyrankerstest has curated best of study materials for the students who want to perform best in their examination. We also look forward to enhance the ability of the students through MCQ’s and Worksheets for class 10 for all the subjects. Students will also be able to find revision notes, ncert solutions, importnat questions and mcq for subjects like Science, Social Science and Mathematics in PDF. These are very beneficial for CBSE students as well as for those who follows ncert pattern in class 10.