MCQ Online Test for Class 10th NCERT- All Subjects

The best way to understand something is to practice them in the for of MCQ. Also, the preparation of the subjects for any examination depends on how much you have practiced for that. Since, CBSE has started including MCQ types questions in their examination paper thus students must practice them also. Our faculty has provided our students with MCQ based questions for CBSE students studying in Class 10. These multiple choice questions are based completely on the pattern of NCERT. Students can practice it in the form of MCQ Online test or Quiz. This will help the in understanding the way of MCQ questions asked in CBSE Board examination. Also by practicing or taking this online test for all the chapters they would be able to have a clear idea on how to revise these MCQ’s. As a result, it helps the students in getting good marks in the board exams.

Free Chapterwise MCQ Online Test for Class 10

These MCQ’s are based on the latest syllabus as prescribed by CBSE. We advise our users to take the quiz seriously and prepare for their examination efficiently. Also, do learn from the chapter completely before taking the test. Also, our faculty has taken utmost care to include all the important terms of Class 10 NCERT Textbooks in the form of MCQ.

MCQ Test for Class 10 Science

MCQ for class 10 Science NCERT Textbooks has been provided here. All 15 chapters have been included. Students can practice multiple choice questions from any of these chapters. They could also be able to take online test.

MCQ Test for Class 10 Maths

In class 10 Maths NCERT Textbook, students need to practice a lot of questions. To perform better in the examination and get good marks, they also need to solve MCQ questions of Math. All the 15 chapters of class 10 Maths NCERT Textbooks have been provided on this website.

MCQ Test for Class 10 Social Science

In class 10 Board examination, there are many MCQ which are asked and students need to solve them. Our faculty has prepared MCQ based questions for History, Civics, Geography and Economics of Class 10 which will help the students in understanding the concepts. All of these are based on the latest pattern of CBSE and follows the NCERT pattern.

MCQ Test for Class 10 Hindi

MCQ for Sparsh, Sanchayan, Kritika and Kshitij for Class 10 Hindi NCERT Textbooks have been prepared by our faculty. Students can take online test for all these chapters of the book. Multiple choice questions are taken from the stories and poems.

MCQ Test for Class 10 English

Students have to study two textbooks in English for Class 10. These two books include Footprints without Feet as supplementary Reader and one main books as First Flight. Both these books are equally significant. Studyrankerstest has prepared MCQ for class 10 English NCERT Textbooks for both the books. Students could be able to take online tesr from all the prose, poetry and drama given in the English books from class 10.