MCQ Quiz for Class 10 History Chapter wise Online Test

When you talk about History, you have to study about kingdoms, arts, culture, king and queens, revolutions wars and much more. In Class 10, all we have to study is Modern History. This subject plays a very important role in Social Science. We have framed multiple choice questions as online test for all the chapters of Class 10 History NCERT Textbook. Students can take online test of class 10 History to check their knowledge of the subject. 

By taking these MCQ online test, one could be able to understand the chapter and practice it. Students could be able to get good marks in board examination as there are lot of questions come in the form of MCQ. Class 10 Hsitory MCQ Online Test is very important for the students studying in CBSE schools.

List of Chapter Test for History Class 10

MCQ Online Test for all the chapters of Class 10 History

Chapter 1- The Rise of Nationalism in Europe

Chapter 2- The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China

Chapter 3- Nationalism in India

Chapter 4- The Making of a Global World

Chapter 5- The Age of Industrialisation

Chapter 6- Work, Life and Leisure

Chapter 7- Print Culture and the Modern World

Chapter 8- Novels, Society and History

These MCQ’s of Class 10 History NCERT Textbook are well prepared by our faculty. Class 10 MCQ Online Test of History will provide you with the basic understanding of the chapters.