MCQ Online Quiz for Chapter 1 A Letter to God Class 10 English

Here, you will find MCQ questions from A letter to God Chapter from Class 10 English Textbook published by NCERT. These MCQ’s have been taken from the chapter and provide you with deep knowledge of the story. You can take online test of the chapter and check your progress as well as understanding of the story. This story is written by G.L. Fuentes.

MCQ from A Letter to God: Chapter Test

1. Where was Lencho’s house situated?A) bottom of the hill
B) top of a hill
C) top of a plateau
D) in a city

2. What was the only thing that the Earth needed according to Lencho?

A) a shower
B) a snowfall
C) strong winds
D) sunlight

3. Where did Lencho expect the downpour to come from?

A) north
B) north-east
C) north-west
D) south-east

4. What did Lencho compare the large raindrops with?

A) silver coins
B) pearls
C) diamonds
D) new coins

5. Which crop was growing on Lencho’s fields?

A) Corn
B) Barley
C) Rice
D) None of the above

6. What destroyed Lencho’s fields?

A) heavy rainfall
B) hailstorm
C) landslide
D) flood

7. The field looked as if it were covered in _______.

A) salt
B) locusts
C) sugar
D) ice

8. Lencho compared the quantum of damage with

A) attack by rats
B) attack by crows
C) plague of locusts
D) None of the above

9. What was the only hope left in the hearts of Lencho’s family?

A) compensation from government
B) help from farmer’s association
C) help from God
D) there was no hope left

10. How did Lencho decide to contact his last resort?

A) by visiting them personally
B) through a letter
C) through e-mail
D) through fax

11. How much money did Lencho ask for?

A) 100 pesos
B) 1000 pesos
C) 10 pesos
D) 500 pesos

12. What was the immediate reaction of the postman on seeing the letter?

A) laughed whole-heartedly
B) cried
C) felt sad about what happened
D) felt empathetic

13. The postmaster was a fat, amiable man. What is the meaning of amiable?

A) rude
B) helpful
C) friendly
D) enthusaistic

14. On seeing the letter, the postmaster was moved by Lencho’s ______

A) unwavering faith
B) handwriting
C) love for God
D) determination

15. Why did the postmaster decide to reply to Lencho’s letter?

A) he was a good man
B) he felt empathetic
C) to preserve Lencho’s faith in God
D) all of the above

16. What else did the reply demanded apart from goodwill, ink and paper?

A) lost crop
B) money
C) God’s signature
D) new seeds

17. How much money was the postmaster able to arrange?

A) 100 pesos
B) Nil
C) 1000 pesos
D) 70 pesos

18. What did the postmaster feel on experiencing Lencho receive the letter?

A) contended
B) proud
C) overwhelmed
D) all of the above

19. Why was Lencho not surprised on seeing the money in the envelope?

A) he was too sad to acknowledge it
B) he had unwavering faith in God
C) he was an ungrateful man
D) none of the above

20. How did he feel when he counted the money?

A) grateful
B) joyful
C) relieved
D) angry

21. What did Lencho think of the post-office employees?

A) bunch of crooks
B) rude
C) unhelpful
D) proud

22. What did Lencho ask for in his second letter?

A) more money
B) remaining amount and not send it by mail
C) remaining amount and send it by mail only
D) he didn’t ask for anything

23. What is the irony in this lesson?

A) Lencho was sad after the hailstorm even though he was the one waiting for a shower
B) Postmaster laughed at Lencho but still helped arrange money for him
C) Lencho blamed the post office employees who in fact helped him
D) there is no irony

24. What type of conflict does the chapter highlight?

A) conflict between nature and humans
B) conflict among humans
C) conflict among God and nature
D) both 1 and 2

25. Who is the author of the lesson ‘A Letter to God’?

A) G.L. Fuentes
B) J.k. Rowling
C) William Shakespeare
D) Roald Dahl

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